Modern Early Worship – Sunday at 9:00 am

Modern early worship is more informal, laid-back and relaxed. Actually, most people think we call it modern worship because we have a band. We know it’s more than that. It’s really about living. Because we value multi-generational and creative worship, don’t be surprised if we sing a kid’s bible song, or a country ballad, maybe something off the Christian radio station, or a rousing 100 year-old hymn on occasion. We say we are modern because we sing songs, read Scriptures, and listen to teachings that resonate with us right now. It’s just what we do.

We sing, we pray and we listen to the pastors as they share Scriptures and thoughts for today. We may talk about missions or outreach. We will receive an offering from those who call Oceanview their home. (If you are a guest, please do not feel obligated to participate unless you want to.) Communion may be served. All are invited to communion, but you can choose whether or not you wish to participate. We provide a worship booklet (some call it a “bulletin”), and put the lyrics on the center screen to help those who are unfamiliar with our ways.

Oceanview Worship

Oceanview Worship (the band) is a multi-generational community of Christ-following, musically-talented believers who share a deep love for God and for each other. We lead worship by example, believing in facilitating an authentic encounter between God and God’s people.

The team is dedicated to multi-faceted and multi-generational creative expressions of worship. We are an audition-based group, yet we value and accept beginning creatives alongside professionals. Individuals need time to rest and be a part of the congregational experience therefore we practice a rotation schedule.

Welcome creatives! Our band has instrumentalists of different styles and levels of playing ability; vocalists, songwriters, poets and lyricists for collaborative expressions of worship. Come create with us.

Contact Information: Kim Wendt, Director of Praise and Worship and Communications (Text/Cell) (561) 436-8555 Email:

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