Adult Study and Discipleship

There are many options and opportunities for adults to get involved, study, pray and grow at Oceanview Church. Below is a list of some things that are happening right now. If you are a visitor, then we encourage you to take your time, visit, get to know us, jump in when ready. If you are a regular attendee, a snow-bird, or a friend of Oceanview Church, then we hope to see you and your family at some of these great activities. You are part of our family! 

Sunday Classes/Groups for Adults

Adult Sunday Morning Class: 10:15 am in Room 49 (Lower level, Office wing)
Oceanview Reads! Book Club: Second Sundays at 6:00 pm (Pastor’s office, lower level, Office wing)

Wednesday Night Bible Class

CREED by Adam Hamilton, is the topic of discussion on Wednesday nights, at 7:00 pm in room 49. This class is facilitated by Pastor Jim. This is an in depth study of the meaning behind the Apostles Creed. We explore what Christians believe… and also… why we believe. Have you ever wanted to know WHY it matters?  Then come to The Creed to first learn what we believe and then to move beyond merely reciting the words. 

“Not in God’s Name” by Jonathan Sacks

It’s simple…. Oceanview Reads! We make a point to read thought-provoking, challenging books about our lives, our spirituality and our understanding of God that serve as great conversation pieces in today’s world. Oceanview Reads is a serious book club, for serious minded people, wrestling with the serious questions of today’s life. Sound good? Then you are welcome to come be a part of the conversation.

Here are the steps to take:

  1. Buy the book off Amazon or call the church office. Read it. 
  2. Join us at either the 9 am service or the 11 am service on Sunday October 15th – when Dr. Paul Mojzes will speak on this topic. 
  3. Then come to the Book Club meetings on Sunday, October 22nd at 6 pm (first half of book) and also on November 12th (2nd half of book). 



10:15 am – Sunday Mornings

“United Methodism in America” offers a panoramic view of the forces and personalities that shaped The United Methodist Church in the United States. Three noted United Methodist historians provide laypersons with a brief history of The United Methodist Church. They skillfully trace the church’s origins, beginning with a look at the renewal movement that led to the early denominations within Wesleyanism. They continue through the Second Great Awakening, the periods of slavery and the Civil War, the mergers and unions of the twentieth century, the causes championed by United Methodism, and more.

The book will be $10.00 (collected in the class). Greg Rogers is facilitating this class… so get coffee and a snack in Fellowship Hall and bring them at 10:15 am Sundays to Room 49. 

Wednesday Classes

Wednesday Morning Class: 9:30 am in Room 49 (Lower level, Office wing), various books/topics.
Wednesday Night Class: 7:00 pm in Room 49 (Lower level, Office wing), various books/topics. 

We believe that if the people grow together, the Church grows together. 

Heifer Project Giving continues…

Heifer Project GivingHeifer Project: Using the catalog provided in the Entryway to the Sanctuary give your gift in one of three ways:

  • Mail the enclosed order form to: Heifer International, P.O. Box 8058, Little Rock, AR 72203-8058
  • Call toll-free 855-848-6437
  • Order online:

Or you can just make a donation to the “Cow Pinata” in the Entryway to the Sanctuary.

For further information, you can contact Rev. Betty Kniss at the church office (561) 626-2500, or by email:

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