At Oceanview Church, a disciple is a follower of Jesus Christ for life. For us that means a commitment to being part of the body of Christ, becoming more like Jesus and joining Jesus in ministry. We know that we are all at different places in our growth and that our lives are not totally centered in God. We understand discipleship is a process: a process of growth.

Wherever we are in the process of growing in our discipleship, we feel the pull that there is something we’re missing, something we need to do but do not know how, we experience a hunger for a deeper relationship with God and others. At Oceanview, we have several discipleship opportunities for adults, youth and children. Click on the area that interests you:

Discipleship for Adults

Discipleship for Youth

Discipleship for Children

For further information, click the above links. You can also contact Rev. Betty Kniss at the church office (561) 626-2500, or by email: revbetty@oceanviewumc.com.

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