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At Oceanview, the effective use of media and technology plays an important role. Because the use of technology is so prevalent today, it is a major factor in how we communicate as a society. Likewise, in church we use technology to communicate the gospel in a dynamically, and sometimes dramatically, effective way. Ideally, our ultimate goal is to creatively enhance the worship experience without interfering with or distracting from it.

Our Mission Statement: To communicate the gospel, glorify Christ and impact lives in our community by enhancing the vital worship, teaching, preaching and outreach of Oceanview church.

Tech is a team effort. Each person is blessed with different gifts and strengths. Furthermore, each person is part of the Body of Christ. Therefore, through the use of what each person brings, we can help others. At the same time, we ourselves grow in our relationship with Jesus Christ.

So we invite all “techies” to connect with us. We are always looking for talented people who have a passion for technology and desire to learn.

Areas of ministry and service:

  • sound and video production
  • live production
  • lighting
  • media creation
  • social media production
  • graphics design
  • photography
  • ProPresenter/iMac
  • set design
  • carpentry
  • cabling and CAT5
  • web design

Best of all, basic training and advanced tech mentoring is available.

For more information contact: Kim Wendt, Director of Praise and Worship, Tech and Communications at (Text/Cell) (561) 436-8555 or email:

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