Family Promise

Family PromiseOceanview Church is a Host Congregation in an Interfaith Hospitality Network called Family Promise of North/Central Palm Beach County. We provide accommodations, meals and support to local families with children, who are facing homelessness.

NEWS – 2018 Family Promise HOST Weeks for 2018

Week of 2/11/2018
Week of 5/13/2018
Week of 8/5/2018
Week of 12/9/2018

The Oceanview Family Promise Ministry will host families from Sunday December 3rd to Sunday December 10th, 2017. 

There are many opportunities for you to be involved with this next hosting. We hope that you’ll have some time to volunteer and experience the rewards of providing for our local families in need. Oceanview’s Vision for 2017 is “John 365”. Volunteering with the Family Promise Ministry would be a great way of fulfilling that VisIon. We’re excited to continue providing because every child deserves a home. 

Paula Mullins is our Activities Coordinator. She schedules evening hosts, child care needs and weekend activities volunteers. Paula’s contact information is listed below. 

We’re still in need of someone to fill the position of Meals Coordinator. This position involves scheduling the cooks for our host week. As well, they occasionally receive the meal from the cooks, serve and clean up in the late afternoon/early evening. Many nights during the host week these other responsibilities are handled by hosts or cooks. Please contact Kathy Perry or Tom Spitzner if you have any interest or questions regarding this volunteer opportunity.

(Four times a year, Oceanview Church hosts one to three families for a one week period. Hosting months are usually: February, May, August and December.)

Tasks involved with hosting include:

  • Setting up and breaking down guest rooms
  • Overnight hosts
  • Childcare
  • Providing meals
  • food or serving assistance
  • Activity planning and participation
  • Laundry
  • Transportation

Ways to be involved with Family Promise:

  • Volunteer your time for any of the various task opportunities.
  • Donate food or funds to purchase supplies for the host week.
  • Financially support Family Promise of North/Central Palm Beach County.
  • Year round opportunities are available with fund raising, volunteering at the Day Center and event planning.


Kathy Perry: (561) 308-6522
Tom Spitzner: (561) 309-3912

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