Riviera Free Clothing Mission

Oceanview UMC supports the Riviera Free Clothing Mission in Riviera Beach. The Free Clothing Mission provides warm clothes, interview or employment apparel, and children’s clothing to homeless and low-income families and individuals. 

We accept donations of clothing, household items etc. Bring your good, clean clothing and items to Oceanview Church. We deliver these items to the Free Clothing Mission in Riviera Beach operated by Willye Mae Watson. All items donated throughout the year are taken to the Mission.

The average family spends $700 a year on clothing a growing child; the majority of families have two or three children which can mean spending up to $2,100 a year. Yet many a low-income family or a single parent struggles to pay rent, health costs and other critical bills. Therefore, for them, a clothing budget may be nonexistent. Whether wardrobe items for a job, warm clothes for winter months, or school clothes for growing young boys and girls, the Clothing Mission provides high-quality clothes that instill a stronger sense of self-worth and dignity, and improve personal presentation to help clients secure and maintain employment.

How you can help:
Donations of clean, like new clothing and financial gifts make this program possible. Donate GOOD, CLEAN, like new clothing, and household items by taking them to the Mission yourself or leave them at Oceanview Church. 

Contact Information:
Willye Watson: (561) 574-3888 Address: 1101 Avenue E, Riviera Beach

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