Oceanview Worship

Oceanview Worship (the band) is a multi-generational community of Christ-following, musically-talented believers who share a deep love for God and for each other. We are called to risk ourselves in worship, to teach others and to facilitate the worship experience for attendees at Oceanview UMC and wherever else God may lead us.

Our group is dedicated to multi-faceted, multi-generational, and creative expressions of worship. We are an audition-based group, yet we value and accept beginning creatives alongside professionals. We practice a rotation schedule, so individuals have time to rest and be a part of the congregational experience. We value being a forever family, so there are gatherings, road trips or worship conferences from time to time. We value others, so we share God’s love through creative worship outside the church walls.

We welcome:

  • Instrumentalists of a wide range of usual (and unusual) instruments, players of many different styles and levels of playing ability.
  • Vocalists, both melody and harmony, for small ensembles, special presentations or Celtic Service or Sunday teams as well as those who sing or speak other languages.
  • Songwriters, poets, and lyricists for collaborative expressions of worship.
  • Creative artists: Alongside our standard worship team, we also seek to incorporate other expressions of worship into our Worship gatherings: ASL, worship movement, dance, drama, fine arts, spoken word, visual arts and film, design and lighting.
  • We also welcome creative ideas, projects, songs and poetry from the wider congregation.

For more information, contact: Kim Wendt, Director of Praise and Worship
Phone/Text: 561-436-8555 or email: kim@oceanviewumc.com.

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