Prayerful Yoga

Prayerful YogaThe Oceanview church family is deeply committed to prayer.  We find that one expression of prayer God uses is “Prayerful Yoga”.

Prayerful Yoga is a centered time of meditation joined with the physical experience of motion and energy. It can be a great blessing on our journey of life and faith. There are many different ways to engage in yoga and we especially want to encourage folks new to yoga to feel comfortable in beginning this journey with us.

 You can contact the Prayerful Yoga team at:

Prayerful Yoga – Schedule
No need to register. Just show up and be blessed!

Chair Yoga
11:00 am - 12:00 noon
Chair Yoga
10:00 am - 11:00 am
Chair Yoga
10:00 am - 11:00 am

“Prayerful Yoga” is a ministry that is outward focused. For this reason we  pray for the needs of our community and encourage active expressions of grace to others in our world.Our Prayerful Yoga mission statement is to create a sacred and prayerful space where students can release limiting self-beliefs, listen to their hearts and be true to themselves and their own yoga practice. Private Yoga Sessions available by appoint only. Call Rance at 1-561-346-0395 to discuss individual yoga option plan(s). 

For more information: contact the Prayerful Yoga team at: or call the Church Office. 

Our Instructor: Rainsford (Rance) Deware, RYT

Rance DewareRance was first introduced to yoga at 69 years young.  He was immediately inspired to continue practicing. Now, seven years later, Rance is a certified 200 hour Yoga Teacher.

He looks forward to sharing his desire for yoga and its spiritual aspects with others by being compassionate and caring in a safe environment.

“Prayerful Yoga” at Oceanview United Methodist Church hopes to create an atmosphere that deepens our faith by calming the mind, body and soul.

Yoga Styles

Hatha – (hatta) Yoga: virtually all general approaches to yoga come under this heading.  Hatha involves the use of body positions, called poses, breath techniques and clearing the mind which purifies the whole physical body.

Gentle Yoga Flow/Restorative: A Gentle Yoga Flow practice is for all levels. It is a Vinyasa type Flow where you build strength in your core and back. This practice includes meditative breath work, slow moving gentle Flow to bring calmness to the mind and body. You are turning your practice inward and outward using your breath, while being guided through a mindfully peaceful practice where you can let go and be present on your mat.

*Restorative Class and Poses offer stress relief while connecting with the rhythm of the breath and rest.

Chair Yoga: is a traditional yoga adaptation whereby you use a chair for poses without having to get up and down from the floor. This is a perfect class for anyone with physical limitations who suffers with wrist pain, knee pain, back issues, etc. Chair Yoga is where you can move freely without judgment. Your body and mind is challenged through stretching, breathing, strengthening and relaxing.


Donations: To work out a fair donation, please think what your yoga practice is worth to you. A fair guide line is $10 to $18 per class. The church receives a percentage of the donation and the practitioner receives a fair percentage of your donations. If you are without cash to donate and wish to practice, that’s okay. Just give what you can afford and consider giving a larger donation the next time you visit us.

What to wear and bring to classChoose non-restrictive clothes that you feel good in.  Remember shirts and/or blouses will ride up in poses that are inverted.  Bare feet are best; if you need socks wear the non-skid kind. It’s a great idea to invest in a yoga mat. Additionally, some people like having a blanket, pillow or cushion to sit on to make your practice stronger.  Other tools or props suggested: two blocks, a belt and hand towel(s). Make sure to bring water with a container that has a closed top or lid.

Who takes Yoga?  Everyone is already experiencing Yoga in their daily life. We just haven’t made the mental connection yet. Yoga classes are open to everyone from beginners to experienced yoga students and practitioners. We practice side-by-side helping one another in a new and exciting Prayerful Yoga Adventure.

Where Can You Find us? Oceanview United Methodist Church, 701 Ocean Drive, Juno Beach, FL 33408 (Upper level – Fellowship Hall)

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