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10:15 am – Sunday Mornings

“United Methodism in America” offers a panoramic view of the forces and personalities that shaped The United Methodist Church in the United States. Three noted United Methodist historians provide laypersons with a brief history of The United Methodist Church. They skillfully trace the church’s origins, beginning with a look at the renewal movement that led to the early denominations within Wesleyanism. They continue through the Second Great Awakening, the periods of slavery and the Civil War, the mergers and unions of the twentieth century, the causes championed by United Methodism, and more.

The book will be $10.00 (collected in the class). Greg Rogers is facilitating this class… so get coffee and a snack in Fellowship Hall and bring them at 10:15 am Sundays to Room 49. 

“Not in God’s Name” by Jonathan Sacks


Special Presentation, October 15th, at both services

Sunday Morning: 9:00 am and 11:00 am

Dr. Paul Mojzes

It’s simple…. Oceanview Reads! We make a point to read thought-provoking, challenging books about our lives, our spirituality and our understanding of God that serve as great conversation pieces in today’s world. Oceanview Reads is a serious book club, for serious minded people, wrestling with the serious questions of today’s life. Sound good? Then you are welcome to come be a part of the conversation.

In this powerful and timely book, one of the most admired and authoritative religious leaders of our time tackles the phenomenon of religious extremism and violence committed in the name of God. The use of religion for political ends is not righteousness but idolatry . . . To invoke God to justify violence against the innocent is not an act of sanctity but of sacrilege.” Here is an eloquent call for people of goodwill from all faiths and none to stand together, confront the religious extremism that threatens to destroy us, and declare: Not in God’s Name.

This Conversational Event continues with Book Club Discussions in October and November:

October 22nd, at 6:00 pm – No! To Terrorism: Not In God’s Name
Topic: Defining the Problem: Bad Faith. Altruistic Evil, Violence and Identity, Dualism and Sibling Rivalry.

November 12th, at 6:00 pm – No! To Terrorism: Not In God’s Name
Topic: Solution: The Open Heart. The Universality of Justice, the Particularity of Love, Letting Go of Hate, the Will To Power or the Will to Life.

Celtic Evensong – A Contemplative Christian Worship Experience
Sunday, October 22nd
 – 7:00 pm
St. Ailbhe, Bishop of Emly, 5th or 6th century
Focus: Personal Sabbath time, Holiness and Spiritual Retreats

Detail of the St. Ailbhe Window, The Honan Chapel, Cork City, Ireland

Although many are under the mistaken belief that Saint Patrick was the first to bring Christianity to Ireland, Saint Ailbhe was converted by British missionaries. Ailbhe fixed his see at Emly (Imlech, County Tipperary, though the cathedral is now at Cashel), which is officially listed by the Vatican as being founded in the 4th century, making it the oldest continuous see in Ireland.

He was known as a powerful preacher and a model of sanctity, who won many souls to the faith. Although he lived in the world in order to care for the souls of his flock, he was careful for his own soul, too. He made frequent retreats and engaged in habitual recollection. Saint Ailbhe especially loved to pray in front of the sea.

Focus: Personal Sabbath time, holiness, spiritual retreats.


Interfaith Thanksgiving Celebration

St. Paul of the Cross Catholic Church
10970 Jack Nicklaus Dr. 
North Palm Beach, Florida

Tuesday, November 21st – 7:00 pm

Come join the Ecumenical Celebration of Thanksgiving in prayer and song, as we give thanks for the many blessings God has given us. 

As we all know, raising awareness of the issue of homelessness is important throughout the year. During the Thanksgiving holidays, it is an issue that should touch the hearts of all the faithful. Therefore, we suggest that all contributions collected on this first Interfaith Thanksgiving Celebration support the ministry of Family Promise. Family Promise helps combat the problem of homelessness, one family at a time, through the efforts of volunteers from each of our congregations. This wonderful ministry is a worthy recipient of these funds. 

Fellowship and Refreshments in the Parish Hall after the Celebration concludes. 

Celtic Evensong – A Contemplative Christian Worship Experience
Sunday, November 26th – 7:00 pm
St. Milburga, Abbess of Much Wenlock, England
Focus: What it means to live a consecrated Christian life of grace, humility and beauty

St. Milburga embroidery

The ruins of Wenlock Abbey in Shropshire, dating from the 11th century remind us of St. Milburga. She was one of a family of eminent saints and belonged to the royal house of Mercia. Helped by her father, Merewald, an Anglian chieftain, and her uncle Wulfhere, king of Mercia, she founded Wenlock Abbey and was installed as it’s second abbess by St. Theodore. It was no ordinary monastery; everything about it reflected the grace and fragrance of her own pure spirit. Chronicles of the time tell us that the gardens were full of the choicest flowers, the orchards bore the sweetest fruits, and within its walls was found, we are told, the very peace of heaven. The Abbey is said to have flourished like a paradise under her rule, partly because of the virtues she cultivated and the spiritual gifts with which she was blessed.

The saint, who was educated in France, was noted for her humility, and was endowed with the gift of healing and restored sight to the blind, according to popular stories. Through the strength of her exhortations she was also reputed to bring sinners to repentance. She organized the evangelization and pastoral care of south Shropshire.

She loved flowers, birds, country life and country people, to sit and work in the sun and tend the herbs in her garden, and to visit in the villages around. People came to her with their troubles and ailments and even ascribed to her miraculous cures. Milburga was venerated for her humility, holiness. She died c. 700 or 722.

The Early Middle Ages were the days when the daughters of kings were proud and eager to dedicate their wealth and talents in Christian leadership and to pour out their youth and strength in the service of the Church. They founded and ruled great abbeys, taught the young, cared for the sick and relieved the poor.

Come learn how St. Milburga served God in a consecrated Christian life full of grace, humility and beauty. Come experience Celtic Evensong.

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